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Shanghai Pudong airport coach - bus service

Public bus is the cheapest transport option offered to travelers between Pudong airport and Shanghai city center. However a taxi is often necessary to get to final destination as bus is a point to point service and not door to door. There are over 1,000 bus lines in shanghai city and about 8 are serving Pudong airport (See routes details below). A single one way ticket to city center shouldn't cost more than 25RMB. Including a short taxi ride to hotel the total journey cost should be 30-60RMB ($2-$4).

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Bus lines to city center

8 lines are operated from/to Pudong International Airport either serving city center (Railway station, Hongkou football stadium, City Air Terminal, ...) or Hongqiao airport.
Line 2: Direct Service to City Air Terminal (Jingan temple) - Every 10 minutes - Single fare 19RMB
Line 3: Service with stops to Galaxy hotel - Every 20 minutes - Single ticket fare: 20RMB
Line 4: Service with stops to to Hongkou football stadium - Every 15 minutes - Single fare: 18RMB
Line 5: Service to Shanghai Railway Station - Every 15 minutes - Single ticket fare: 18RMB
Line 6: Service to Zhongshan Park - Every 30 minutes - Single ticket fare: 20RMB
Line 7: Service to Dongfang Road. Single ticket Fare 14RMB
Line 8: Service to Lingang Community - Single ticket fare: 16RMB

Connecting to Hongqiao Airport

Line 1 offers a very convenient connection with direct service between Pudong Airport and Hongqiao Airport (Many domestic flights). Frequency: Every 10 minutes - Single ticket fare: 30RMB.


Shanghai Airport Bus

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